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Teachers deserve more. Give them the perks they want.

The ultimate teachers appreciation website that offers K-12 teachers perks. Think health and wellness benefits, financial services, rideshare credits, discounts, and that's just the start.

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Built by K-12 teachers, Perked knows that our teachers deserve more.
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    Our STory   
Founded by K-12 teachers, Perked begins with raising the bar for teacher appreciation. The need to attract and retain high-performing teachers is more important than ever.
Our Mission

Finding and retaining great teachers is hard. Rewarding them should not be.

Perked wants to elevate the teaching profession because we know that effective teaching is the most impactful way to improve student outcomes.

Some Of Our Perk Partners
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What Educators and Administrators Have To Say

"My teachers leave not for other teaching jobs but for tech and corporate jobs. Those are the types of perks they want"

Mike M.
Principal, Arizona
“I would have loved these perks as a teacher or even some of them before Christmas break. In the past, I worked 2-3 part time jobs to make sure I was okay for the holidays”
Mezona L.
Teacher, Maryland
“I spend all my time thinking about student things and by the time I get to teachers I'm on my last synapses"
Joseph L.
Assistant Principal,
North Carolina
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